At Federal International, we believe sustainability should be an integral part of every business. That’s why 110 years ago, recycling was the heart of our family business.

Over the years, we have diverted billions of tons of waste and produced millions of sustainable components, gaining a scope of knowledge and industry expertise like no other group of companies in our field.

Navigating sustainability can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a partner like us. We understand a successful business balances its business goals with sustainability goals, and we can help you do just that.

Explore our family of companies to create a positive impact in your business – from recycling services to sustainable product design, manufacturing and more.

The Federal Family of Companies

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Recycling polyurethane foams into innovative products for diverse applications and end-of-life solutions, helping companies contribute to a more circular economy and sustainable world.

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Forward-thinking recycling and waste management services that help businesses build more profitable, efficient and sustainable operations, and recycle their by-products with no disruption.

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Supplying customers with millions of components of the highest quality foam, fiber, composite, rubber and plastic material, delivering unmatched expertise and innovative solutions.