Circular Economy

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Circular Economy

Overconsumption and depletion of resources are major causes of concern for the future. “End-of-Life” or infinite recycling is essential to preserve our planet.

With a mission in sustainability, our businesses are at the forefront of the circular economy. We continually strive to evolve to do more at each point in the circular loop, both with our product and service offerings as well as our own corporate sustainability strategy.

Explore how we exemplify the circular economy in action.

icon Collection & Recycling

Collection & Recycling

Federal Eco Foam is one of the leading global buyers of pre- and post-consumer and post-industrial trim foam materials from high-end polyurethane foam manufacturers and converters, as well as recycled mattresses, furniture and seats.

Federal Recycling supports customers across the U.S. with collecting and recycling their byproducts. Federal Recycling recycles paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and pallets for small-and medium-sized businesses, as well as fortune 500 companies with multiple locations nationwide.

Federal Foam’s goal is zero landfill, and the company responsibly recycles foam and other byproduct materials from its production process.

icon Raw Material Sourcing

Raw Material Sourcing

Federal Eco Foam helps manufacturers find a home for their trim foam byproducts, whether it be selling the material for reuse in carpet underlay manufacturing or the company’s rebond foam manufacturing process.
Federal Recycling brokers its recycled material to paper, packaging and plastic manufacturing companies for making products such as office paper, cardboard boxes, toilet paper, consumer goods packaging, and flooring and decking construction materials.
Federal Foam’s byproducts are often resold as recycled raw materials to the company’s foam suppliers or the carpet underlay industry for reuse.
icon Manufacturing


Federal Eco Foam carefully selects the highest-quality recycled foam raw materials for its rebond foam manufacturing process. With our independent position and supplier relationships built over 50 years, we have access to the best and most diverse raw materials on the market, from quality, to color, to densities.
Federal Recycling has a pallet recycling and sales business, helping manufacturers recycle their pallets to refurbish for reuse.
Federal Foam fabricates and converts foam, plastic, composite and rubber materials and components for some of the world’s leading OEMs. When possible, Federal Foam sources materials with a percentage of recycled content for its customers, particularly with plastics, without sacrificing quality or performance.
icon Distribution


Federal Foam & Federal Eco Foam distribute their products to fellow manufacturers for integration into finished goods or to distributors for consumer use. Our companies efficiently pack and ship our products in efforts to reduce the amount of transportation needed, in turn helping limit emissions.

icon Consumption


Our customers and their end customers use and consume products and materials, creating the need for recycling and collection of waste. Federal International’s goal is zero landfill, and the process begins again to find a home for various types of materials and give them a second life so we help reduce consumption and depletion of resources.